Database Providers on λ

Compare Neon, Supabase, PlanetScale, MongoDB, and DynamoDB via Arc.

Use vanilla Node.js drivers like postgres and provided clients like @neondatabase/serverless. Tests account for provider "cold starts" and client connection negotiation - connect and disconnect.

Live Tests (us-west-1)

Each test runs on a separate vanilla Node.js v18 Lambda with the ARM64 architecture. These timers are started after Lambda initialization and do not include Lambda cold start or client library loading.

It's possible one of these ↓ iframes will exceed its timeout. Try a refresh. (us-west-2)

Supabase (us-east-1)

PlanetScale (us-west-2)

MongoDB (us-east-1)

DynamoDB + @architect/functions (us-west-1)

1 An initial query — SELECT now() — is made in case the Neon instance is suspended. That connection is closed and a new one is create for the subsequent query when the db is active.

2 The @supabase/supabase-js package requires node-gyp to install. Since these Lambdas are built and deployed dynamically, this package cannot be built without further configuration of the build environment (another Lambda). Its speed is likely comparable to the REST query.


These tests do not...

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